We provide solutions for systematic management to the investments, projects and activities of enterprise Information Technology (IT) departments. Some of our products include planned initiatives, projects, and ongoing IT services (such as application support). We promise the clear quantification of previously informal IT efforts, enabling measurement and objective evaluation of investment scenarios.

Money matters...

Project Info

A person goes to a shop, buys groceries pays money by credit card. DONE !!! Well what happens in between? There are many systems work in between to make things happen and to make sure the money credited is debited to respective systems, the security is maintained, the personal information is not lead, the payment authorizations and settlements are performed, the gateways process the events on real time as per agreements, currency is properly converted and transmitted to the proper destination.

  • Card Holders, merchants and assications.
  • Credit Card and EFT transaction
  • Authorization and Settlement.
  • Development, designing and testing.